Almond Butter 100% Natural 500 g Smoothie

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✔ Protein Source
✔ High Fiber
✔ 100% Almond
✔ No Addition of Oils
✔ No added sugar
✔ Smoothie texture


Our 100% Natural Almond Butter is a top quality almond butter with no added oils or other unnecessary substances. This is a butter with 100% almond.

This is a product of unparalleled quality, no added sugar or oils, with a more intense and more natural flavor.

Almond butter is an excellent source of protein and rich in fiber. If you are always looking for the best food product, than this butter should be an option for you, as for those who maintain a more active lifestyle.

Our 100% Natural Almond Butter is a premium product that answers to the highest quality standards. You'll notice the difference as soon as you taste it.