Organic Smoked Tofu 250 g

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✔ Loaded with Flavor
✔ Rich in Proteins
✔ Healthy and Versatile Food
✔ Fit for Vegans and Vegetarians
✔ An Ally for a Healthier Life

What is Organic Smoked Tofu?

Tofu is an ingredient widely used in asian cuisine. It 's a plant-based food that is made from soy milk.

Tofu resembles cheese and is often known as "soy cheese". Smoked tofu is full of flavor and can be consumed in different ways and in different recipes. Tofu is one of the most used products in the vegetarian diet because of its high protein level and high nutritional value.

EUNUTRITION® Organic Smoked Tofu is distinguished from natural tofu by its flavor. Smoked tofu has enhanced the unique flavors of beech smoked and tamari soy sauce. A real pleasure in tasting!

EUNUTRITION® Organic Smoked Tofu is 100% organic, which guarantees the maximum quality of the soy that originates this nutritious food.

EUNUTRITION® Organic Smoked Tofu will be one of your allies for a healthier life!