EU Pink Bottle

EU Pink Bottle

BPAFreeLabel  ✔ BPA and DEHP free ✔ High sealing ✔ Built-in handle ✔ Practical and versatile  

Capacity 1 liter

Product description

With the 1-liter EU Pink Bottle you will be able to hydrate yourself conveniently in any long-term activity you do, whether in the gym, on walks, or just during your work day. So you avoid having to stand up constantly whenever you need to drink water. The EU Pink Bottle has a handy built-in handle, which allows you to pick up the bottle comfortably and have ease to drink. The lid is made of stainless steel and is completely sealed to prevent leakage. In addition, the cap is attached to the bottle with a strap so you never miss it. The manufacturing material of the EU Pink Bottle is totally free of BPA and DEHP and is ultra resistant to ensure intensive use appropriate to your active lifestyle.


Height: approx. 19cm Width: approx. 10.5cm


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