L-Carni Mix 4000 Évolution

✔ Burns Accumulated Fat
✔ Total Definition
✔ More Strength
✔ More Energy
✔ You Can Do It



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What is L-Carni Mix 4000 Évolution?

If your goal is to burn body fat and you still want to make use of it to get more energy during your training, then L-CARNI MIX 4000 ÉVOLUTION  is the perfect supplement due to its 4 powerful ingredients: l-carnitine, inositol, l-metionine and green tea.

Let EU explain everything.

Benefits of L-Carnitine
Fat loss: Helps the transportation of accumulated fat into mitochondria where it’s burned and transformed into energy. Besides burning fat, it also helps in providing more energy during training, diminishes fatigue and suppresses appetite.

Lean mass gain: Besides avoiding fat accumulation during the process of lean mass gain, L-CARNI MIX 4000 ÉVOLUTION increases your strength. And more strength means more weight means more muscle mass!

Health benefits in general: avoids the accentuated loss of bone mass, helps in several heart diseases, enhances the immune system due to its action as a potent anti-oxidant..

Benefits of Inositol
Inositol helps the liver in metabolizing fats in a more effective manner!
Benefits of L-Metionine
Helps L-Carnitine at being even more effective
Benefits of Green Tea
Helps getting thinner due to the caffeine and catequines that accelerate the metabolism, making the organism spend more energy. It also fights liquid retention in the organism, giving a thinner and dry look in a short amount of time.

Are you Evolving? You can do it!

Who is it for?

L-CARNI MIX 4000 ÉVOLUTION is perfect for any sportsman, since aside from help the burning of fat, it also uses it as an energy source so you can perform more intense training and always go beyond your limit.

L-CARNI MIX 4000 ÉVOLUTION is more than a l-carnitine: you can count of extreme and effective fat burning, due to its powerful 4 components.

You want to evolve? You can do it.

Recommended Usage

How to use: Take 1.5 dosages (22.5ml), 30 minutes before exercising.


Water, l-carnitine (basic), inositol, l-metionine, green tea fluid extract (camelliasinensis), choline, acidulant E-330, aroma, conservant E-211, E-202, E-954 and E-955 sweeteners, colours E-102 and E-110.

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