Lipo tone Gel

Lipo Tone GEL Woman

✔ Localized Fat Combat

✔ Legs, Thighs, Buttocks, Abdomen

✔ Prevents Liquid Retention

✔ Activates Circulation

Pak of 200ml

51 EU Points


Product Description

LIPO TONE GEL WOMAN is a cream specially developed to achieve toned and well defined toned thighs, legs and buttocks without cellulite.

Contains the most powerful ingredients and have proven to be most effective in eliminating fat, cellulite and fluid retention.

LIPO TONE GEL WOMAN helps to activate the blood circulation in the area where it is applied, thus making the deeper fat reserves can be more easily mobilized and later transported to be eliminated.

Are you ready to say goodbye to cellulite?

LIPO TONE GEL WOMAN combats localized fat and unwanted cellulite on the thighs, legs and buttocks.

With the use of the LIPO TONE GEL WOMAN, combined with a regular diet and regular training, you will be able to stop that unwanted cellulite that for years has diverted your attention from your ultimate goal: your EU Fit!

Less cellulite and flatter belly … align with the LIPO TONE GEL WOMAN to reach your EU Fit?

How to Use

Apply to the skin (abdomen, legs, thighs, buttocks) two to three times a day, preferably after bathing, before training and at night. Do not apply to the skin of the face and genitals.


Water, carbomer, alcohol, glycerin, euglena gracilis, caffeine, glacid flavum leaf, elastin amino acids, carnitine, camellia oleifera leaf, propylene glycol, methyl nicotinate, fucus vesiculosus, asparagus, peg-40, perfume, triethanolamine, methylchloroisothiazolinone , methylisothiazolinone.

Warnings: Not to be used by children, pregnant women, and persons with skin sensitivities to some of the components. Do not apply to the skin of the face and genitals.

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