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✔ Highly Nutritious
✔ Rich in Protein
✔ Rich in minerals
✔ Rich in trace elements
✔ Rich in Amino Acids




Alfalfa is a legume from the same family as the bean. It originates from ancient Persia where it began to be consumed and began to be known for its several benefits.

Alfalfa roots can reach over 30 meters deep, where the soil is richer in minerals. Therefore, Alfalfa is a nutrient with extremely high value.

It’s rich in proteins, minerals (Like calcium), trace elements (Like iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and copper) and amino acids. It presents vitamins of complex B, vitamins K, D, E, C and A.

Some of its benefits are:

– Fights fatigue and prevents tiredness;
– Helps the strenghtening of the imune system;
– Functions as a diuretic, avoiding liquid retention
– Helps the controlling cholesterol levels;
– Improves blood flow in the body;
– Controls glycose levels in the blood;
– Avoids the accumulation of fat in the organism and promotes its elimination;
– Helps the maintenance of muscle mass.
– Promotes weight loss by its low quantity of calories while being satiating.

Its consumption must be regular so that all its benefits can be felt.

This is a EU FOODS® product of EU NUTRITION® and contains certified biological produce.


How to use:  3 capsules a day with water, 1 at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner.


Organic Alfalfa and anti-caking agent E-470b. Vegetable capsule (hypromellose and dye E-171).

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