Coconut Flour

✔ Helps to Lose Weight

✔ Reduces Risk of Diabetes

✔ Reduces Cholesterol

✔ Stimulates Immune System

250g Packing
Organic Product


Earn up to 8 EU Points Points.


The coconut flour is made from the coconut pulp. It is the perfect substitute for conventional flours, being healthier and healthier.

Coconut flour is a good ally for anyone planning to lose weight as it increases the feeling of satiety due to the amount of fiber it has. It also helps in glycemic control, being a strong ally of diabetics.

As it does not contain gluten, it is also indicated for coeliacs. It fights constipation and helps in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.

Coconut flour contains protein, which aids in muscle building.

Being rich in fiber, it lowers cholesterol levels, improves bowel function and controls blood sugar levels.

Stimulates the immune system due to the lauric acid it possesses. And it still acts as an anti-inflammatory.

To get all the benefits of oatmeal, you should consume between one and two tablespoons a day.

EU NUTRITION coconut flour is made from organic coconut.

How to Use

How to use: It can be used as substitute of other flours in pastry or as thickener for the preparation of sauces, stews or soups. It can also be used in shakes, yogurts, mueslis or salads.


Coconut flour from organic farming.

Nutritional Information

Farinha de Coco info nutricional


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