Coconut Sugar Organic

✔ 100% Biological

✔ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

✔ Low Glycemic Index

✔ Replaces Traditional Sugar

250g Packing
Organic Product


Earn up to 12 EU Points Points.


From coconut, coconut sugar is a healthy alternative to sweeten your food without guilt you feel. This sugar is even considered one of the best substitutes for traditional sugar.

EU NUTRITION coconut sugar is organic, which means it does not contain any chemicals and does not undergo any refining process.

With a low glycemic index, rich in vitamins and minerals, nutritious and with a mild flavor, this sugar is not only 100% natural as it is the most sustainable sweetener on the market, being suitable for any type of food choice.

How to use

Used as a natural sweetener in cakes, pancakes, smoothies and other healthy recipes.


Coconut sugar from organic farming.

Nutritional Information

Açúcar de Coco Info Nutricional


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