EU Pancakes

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✔ Highly Nutritious Pancakes
✔ With Superfood Mix
✔ Healthy and Delicious.
✔ 100% Certified Organic Product



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EU PANCAKES is a 100% certified organic product. In it’s preparation, we’ve used several organic superfoods that contribute for a healthy body while adding a unique flavour. Taste them and enjoy them!

EU PANCAKES  is a mix of buckwheat flour, quinoa flour, powder flaxseed, agave, chia seed, lucuma, cocoa and açaí.

You can make delicious pancakes our use them in your favorite recipes.

Buckwheat flour is rich in fibers, nutrients and complex B vitamins. Quinoa is rich in protein and iron. Agave is a plant used as a natural sweetener. Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 and flax seeds are rich in fatty acids.

Lucuma possesses high quantities of iron, vitamin B3 and E, calcium, minerals and vitamins. Açaí and cocoa are 2 rich sources in antioxidants.

Clearly, EU PANCAKES is a product that is going to fill you with health…and flavour!


EU PANCAKES is a 100% certified organic product which can be taken by anyone who worries about their diet, their health and physical wellbeing.


For pancakes: Add 30g of the product with 70 ml of water and mix it in a shaker. In a non-stick pan, add a bit of coconut oil and add the mix. Spread evenly and cook both sides until it reaches a golden colour. You can also add eggs for added protein value.

For a shake: To 30g of product, add 70ml of water and mix in a shaker.


Wheat flour (46%), quinoa flour (15%), flax seed powder (9%), agave powder (8.3%), cocoa powder (7%), lucuma %), chia seeds powder (4%), aroma, acai powder (1.7%).

All ingredients come from organic farming. This is a certified product.


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