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✔ Vitamin B3 and E
✔ Beta-carotene
✔ Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus
✔ Minerals and Fibres
✔ Certified Organic Farming



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Lucuma is a fruit originating from South America and it’s commonly known as “Inca’s Gold”, since that it was a basic component of this ancient civilization’s diet.

This fruit is grown mainly in Bolivia, Peru and Costa Rica, has a very similar appearance to Avocado (Green out the outside and yellow on the inside). It’s a sweet fruit and should be eaten when it’s ripe.

Nowadays, Lucuma is used a pretty much around the word, but in powder form. This format allows it to reach a greater number of countries outside of South America while conserving itself for longer periods of time.

It’s consumption is beneficial for your health, since it possesses high quantities of Iron, niacin (vitamin B3), beta-carotene, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin e, minerals and fibre.

Due to its sweet taste and low glycemic value, it is also utilized as a sugar substitute. Its sweet and exotic taste can be added (5g to 10g) to any dish of your choice, as a sugar alternative.

This is a EU FOODS® product of EU NUTRITION® and contains certified biological produce.


How to use: Take 5g-10g (1-2 teaspoons) of product with juice, milk or yoghurt. You an also use it as a sugar substitute in baking recipes.


100% organic Lucuma powder (Pouteria Lucuma).


Organic Lucuma powder.
Packaging: 300g.

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