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Organic Coconut Oil

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✔ 100% Organic
✔ Prevents Hypertension
✔ Strengthens Immune System
✔ Rich in Antioxidants
✔ Healthier Meals




Coconut oil is the healthiest vegetable fat, which is becoming more and more sought out due to the fact that it doesn’t deteriorate at high temperatures.

This oil possesses in its composition lauric acid, which has the properties of an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and antifungal. The benefits of this oil are widely known for both its consumption as food as also for its external use.

Coconut oil doesn’t possess any Trans-fat, which increases cholesterol levels. It also prevents arterial hypertension, enhances the immune system and it’s rich in anti-oxidants.

When it comes to its external use, it’s an excellent hair and skin moisturizer.

If you still don’t use it, what are you waiting for? With small changes in habits, you can reach great results.


Coconut oil is very versatile. You can use it while cooking, grilling and in all kinds of recipes that include oil in them. It’s an excellent option for scrambled eggs, for example.

Coconut oil can (and should) substitute butter in recipes.

You can also use it in the same way you use olive oil, as a dresser, for salads or vegetables.

Give wings to your imagination and add our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to your récipes!


Extra virgin coconut oil.


Net weight: 450g.

View Nutritional Profile (PDF)


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