Quinia Drink


✔ Rich in Protein and Fiber

✔ Contains 9 Essential Amino Acids

✔ Iron, Potassium and Calcium

✔ Antioxidants

Packaging 400g (powder)
Organic Product


Earn up to 30 EU Points Points.


EU NUTRITION Organic Quinoa Drink is made from carefully selected biological quinoa so you have all the benefits this drink provides.

Vegetable drinks have become a healthy option for those who can not consume milk or simply chose to exclude it from their food. The Quinoa Beverage, besides being vegan, is indicated for lactose intolerant.

Quinoa contains no gluten, is rich in protein, and is one of the few plants that contains the nine essential amino acids. It is also rich in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and still contains several antioxidants.

Some of the Benefits of Quinoa Drink:

Iron: improves muscle function, helps protect the immune system and for women is a strong ally in relieving premenstrual symptoms.

Calcium: strengthens bones and helps maintain blood pH balance

Fiber: lowers cholesterol levels, improves bowel function and controls blood sugar levels

Protein: helps build muscle and helps weight loss by giving greater sense of satiety.

Magnesium: helps in inflammatory problems

Zinc: helps in the defense of the immune system by protecting it from diseases

Vitamin A: helps maintain eye health

Complex B vitamins: stimulates concentration and memory aiding the proper functioning of the nervous system

Vitamins E and C: combat cell degeneration

The Quinoa Drink can be used as a substitute for milk in beverages, shakes, cake making, pancakes, crepes and waffles.

EU NUTRITION vegetable drinks are zero waste! The Quinoa Powder Drink is prepared with water, as much as you want. In this way, the shelf life is longer than conventional vegetable beverages.

How to Use

How to use: Dissolve 2 to 3 tablespoons in a glass with cold or hot water to taste (approximately 10g of quinoa powder in 100ml of water).


Instant quinoa flour * (38%), maltodextrin *, agave syrup * powder and flavor.

* From organic farming.

Nutritional Information

Bebida de Quinoa Informação Nutricional


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