Soy Beverage Powder

✔ Rich in Protein

✔ Rich in Fiber

✔ No Lactose

✔ Suitable for Vegans

Packaging 400g (powder)
Organic Product


Earn up to 13 EU Points Points.


Vegetable drinks (such as soybeans) have become a healthy option for those who can not consume milk or have chosen to exclude this food from their diet.

The EU NUTRITION organic soy drink is made from carefully selected organic soy beans so you get all the benefits this drink provides.

Soy drink is a low calorie drink and a great ally in controlling cholesterol.

As it does not contain lactose, it is suitable for lactose intolerant and vegans.

The soy drink has protein, which helps build muscle and lose weight. It gives a greater sense of satiety.

Contains fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels, improves bowel function and controls blood sugar levels.

The soy drink can be used as a substitute for milk in beverages, milkshakes, in the preparation of cakes, pancakes, crepes and waffles.

EU NUTRITION vegetable drinks are zero waste! This powdered drink is prepared with water in the amount you want, and thus the shelf life is wider than in conventional vegetable drinks.

How to use

How to use: Dissolve 10g of product (2 to 3 teaspoons) with 100ml of hot or cold water to taste.


Soybean meal * (38%), maltodextrin, agave syrup * powder, aroma.

* From organic farming.

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