EU Margarita Pizza

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✔ Pizza Base Mix
✔ Highly Nutritious
✔ With Tomato, Onion and Oregano
✔ 100% Certified Organic Product



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EU MARGARITA is a Pizza base mix that includes organic spelt flour (contains more vitamins, minerals and protein than conventional flour). Although it contains gluten, it’s highly tolerated by coeliacs.

We added organic tomato, onion and oregano in order to have a complete pizza that is easy to prepare.

All of the ingredients used in the composition of EU PROTEIN PIZZA are 100% certified organic and free from any genetic modification. This means that all of the ingredients have been thoroughly analyzed and followed from the seed until the packaging by credited entities. At the end, we attribute the certified organic product symbol.

What is the difference between organic foods and non-organic foods?

Organic products are cultivated without chemicals, in an organic environment. The final result are superior, both in its nutritional value as its flavor. And the most important factor is the lack of chemicals, which are harmful to your health in the long term.


EU MARGARITA PIZZA is a product that can be taken by any person that worries about his diet and that intends on keeping a healthy lifestyle, due to its high nutritional value and its organic farming background.


How to prepare: Add 100g of the product in a bowl and separate the flour into the center so you can see the bottom of the package. Heat 70ml of water until it boils. Pour hot water at the center of the powder mix. Slowly mix with a fork. When the dough becomes firm and consistent, flatten it with your hands and make a ball. Let it rest for 15 minutes with a cloth covering the dough. Add flour in an even surface and flatten the dough with a rolling pin repeatedly for 5 minutes until it has a base consistency. Add any ingredient of your choice over the pizza base. Put the pizza under vegetable paper on an oven tray and heat from 30 to 35 minutes at 180º C.


Spelled flour, powdered tomatoes, inulin, powdered onion, salt, gasifying agent (sodium bicarbonate), acidulant (citric acid), oregano powder, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

This is a product of organic origin.


Packaging 500gr. 5 Pizzas.

Nutricional Profile


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