Terms and Conditions

The use of the site EU NUTRITION® is subject to the conditions that we now present. These conditions might suffer occasional changes, therefore we recommend regular readings.

This website is property of EU NUTRITION® and we reserve the right of removing or altering any product or any information associated without prior warning, as well as limiting the access in some of its areas.

The information contained within the site of EU NUTRITION® is reliable, reviewed and approved by professionals, however EU NUTRITION® is not liable for its misinterpretation and/or use.

We do not assume responsibility for the contents of third sites that mention and/or possess links to the EU NUTRITION® brand, as well for the contents of external sites that for some reason might make mention and/or link EU NUTRITION®.

To perform any order in our site, the customer must be the minimum age of 18 years old and commit to provide his real information.

Privacy Policy

A EU NUTRITION® guarantees maximum confidentiality concerning the information provided by its customers, using them only for order processing, disclosure of its own products, occasional campaigns and a better management and monitoring of its customers with the finality of delivering a service of excellence. In no circumstance do we supply the information of our customers to external entities. This is our oath of honor that we take based on our own moral and ethic values.

The client can, at any time, notify EU NUTRITION® that it doesn’t want to receive any communication of the brand, to which we immediately cease its forwarding.

These conditions might suffer occasional changes, therefore we recommend regular readings.

Updating Client Information

The verification and/or change in customer information can be performed in his client’s area.

It’s highly recommended that the client saves is registry data – username and password – in a safe place. Any loss or deviation of either of them, is not the responsibility of EU NUTRITION®.

Safety Guarantee

The site and the order system of EU NUTRITION® is managed by a qualified technical team that guarantees maximum security and constantly monitors every associated parameter of the purchase process protection.

Intellectual Property and Content

This site as well as the content contained within, are property of EU NUTRITION®. It’s expressly forbidden to copy/reproduce it in any way without the previous consent of EU NUTRITION®.

Payment Methods (Shop only available in Portugal and Spain)

EU NUTRITION® uses simple and convenient payment methods for the client. Any of these presented methods guarantee maximum security concerning transactions.


Paypal is one of the most used payment methods in the world as it is one of the safest. Visit its official webpage for additional information: www.paypal.com

ATM (Only available in Portugal)

Payment by ATM is very simple and convenient. It can be done through any ATM or through your Homebanking.

When placing your order, an ATM reference is made available (Entity, Reference and Value). Then you just need to access the Payment of Services/Purchases in an ATM or through Homebanking and enter the data in the respective fields. Simple and easy.

After confirmation that the value was received, EU NUTRITION® will then process the order.

In the eventuality that EU NUTRITION® verifies the non-payment of the order, the same will be canceled after 5 weekdays.

Order Dispatch

The order will be dispatched after confirmation of payment. We have agreements with several carriers. which allow us to carry out the process swiftly.

The client will be notified as soon as the merchandise leave the warehouse, and when applicable, he will be provided a link to follow-up the order in the carrier’s website.

Orders are delivered to the address that the client has indicated, by which any error in the information provided is not the responsibility of EU NUTRITION®. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday.

Any return of merchandise for reasons related to the client (incorrect or incomplete address, for example) generates costs that will be charge to the client.

All non-delivery situations will be subject to careful analysis by EU NUTRITION® so that the responsible party and cause are ascertained. Any situation where the customer isn’t accountable guarantees the exemption of any added cost and/or the full refund of the paid amount.

Order Canceling

An order can only be canceled if its payment hasn’t been processed yet. After that, the order enters processing, which can’t be reversed. We vividly recommend that you always confirm the products included in your order before you submit and pay for it.

Return Policy

Items can be returned within a maximum period of 14 days counting from the day the order was delivered. The client must ensure that the item/s are in perfect condition and in their original packaging which should be intact and sealed. Returned items have to reach our installations within a maximum period of 28 days. The expiration period of the returned items can’t be inferior to 30 days.

In order to start the item return process, the client should contact EU NUTRITION® so we can assist in said process.

In case these criteria aren’t met, returns won’t be accepted. Every time our facilities receive a product, it’s carefully analyzed by our team, and in case of discrepancies, the client will be informed to collect it. After validation of the reviewed product/s, the client will be reimbursed the full value of the product/s, or if he so chooses, receive store credit for future purchases.


Direct trades between products aren’t allowed.

Products, Descriptions and Pricing

EU NUTRITION® reserves the right of stopping order processing in case of an error in product pricing or lack of stock. Our team is in constant monitorization of all the divulged information within the site, noting that there’s always the possibility of a sporadic miscue.

The descriptions of our products and the divulged information, whether within the site or within the blog, are reviewed by qualified professionals. However, they are merely informative, not replacing any medical advice that the client considers pertinent.

Complaints / Suggestions

In case any anomaly is detected in the received product, the client must immediately contact EU NUTRITION® and report the situation. The client should also find means that prove the anomaly – photos may be requested. In case the client notes any abnormalities or damage in the exterior packaging upon receival by the carrier, he should reject the reception of the item.

Every reported case will be subjected to an evaluation by EU NUTRITION®. We’re always open to suggestions, because we believe that we can grow beside our client. You can send your suggestions to our e-mail contacts. They will all be taken into account.