Egg White Powder 500 g

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✔ High Protein Content
✔ 24g Protein / Servings
✔ Zero Fat
✔ Zero Carbohydrates
✔ Fit for Lactose and Soy Intolerant

Egg White Powder

Egg White Powder
from EU NUTRITION is a 100% natural product produced only with certified quality eggs, the egg whites are dehydrated by a natural process that guarantees the total stability of the amino acid chains in order to guarantee a 100% Natural final product with all the nutrients.

Egg White Powder comes directly from powdered egg whites or ovoalbumin and because of its great bioavailability, it´s one of the best proteins to fullfill the daily dose needs of proteins.
Consuming an adequate daily dose of protein helps to correctly nourish the body and to ensure the goal of maintaining or increasing muscle mass, but also of loosing fat.

Advantages of using Egg White Powder

  • Zero Fats
    Zero hydrates
    Easy to use (Shakes or Recipes)

    Ideal for people with intolerance or allergies to whey protein or soy. Take advantage of all the power of the egg and use your imagination!