Spirulina 200 Tabs

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✔ Protects the Cardiovascular System
✔ Benefits Mental Health
✔ Combats Fatigue
✔ Improves Nervous System



Contrary to popular belief, Spirulina is not an algae like Chlorella, but a bacterium capable of photosynthesis.

It has a spiral shape and its color is bluish-green. It has been cultivated and consumed since the most remote times by the Incas and Indians.

Known as a food supplement, Spirulina is considered a superfood, as it has high amounts of certain compounds that are beneficial to human health.

We can find the following vitamine in Spirulina: vitamin B6 that helps to control hormone levels in women; vitamin B12 which is essential for those who have anemia; vitamin B2; vitamin B1 that prevents poor oxygenation; and vitamin E that protects the cardiovascular system.

Spirulina also has biotin, inositol, niacin (which helps in reducing cholesterol), pantothenic acid, folic acid, potassium (which helps in the regulation of the body's electrolytes), calcium, zinc, magnesium and manganese, selenium, iron and phosphorus.

Spirulina and its components bring countless benefits to the body: it slows down aging, it promotes the formation of hemoglobin, it benefits mental health, it helps to prevent anemia and fight fatigue, it detoxifies the body (similar to Chlorella), it helps the immune system and has an important role in improving the nervous system.

This is a product of EU NUTRITION® from certified organic farming.