Vitamin D3 90 Softgels

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✔ Better Calcium Absorption
✔ Better Calcium Fixation
✔ Healthy Bones and Arteries
✔ Promotes Psychological Well-Being
Expiration date: 30 March 2024


VITAMIN D3 is an excellent source of bone health, as it is responsible for increasing the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to weakening and poor formation of bones and teeth, facilitating the appearance of cavities and osteoporosis. That's why it's extremely important to keep vitamin D levels normal.

People with good levels of this vitamin have greater resistance to viral and bacterial diseases, more muscle strength and physical endurance, and have a faster recovery when they get sick. Vitamin D causes white blood cells to make a type of protein that fights infection.

VITAMIN D3 also plays an essential role in conditioning the heart muscle and pumping blood. This vitamin participates in the production of renin, an enzyme that regulates the entry and exit of blood in the glomerulus, with an increase or decrease in blood pressure.

In addition to all these benefits, vitamin D also contributes to the healthy functioning of the brain, with a lack of this vitamin being believed to be related to depression. Insufficient levels of vitamin D can play a decisive role in your overall well-being.

VITAMIN D3 is the best source of vitamin D, as it is produced in the body through exposure to the sun. It can also be obtained from foods of animal origin, such as tuna, cod, salmon and sardines. However, the greatest source is obtained from exposure to the sun, or through supplementation.

The lack of this vitamin causes various health problems, and few substances supplement our body as well as vitamin D.

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VITAMIN D3 is a supplement that can be used by anyone who wants to improve the health of their bones and arteries. Essential to prevent bone injuries in athletes with greater physical demand, and at the same time promote the psychological well-being that is so important in achieving sports results.