BCAA'S 8.1.1 Évolution 250 g

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✔ 10g of Bcaa´s per daily dose
✔ More muscle growth
✔ More Lean Mass
✔ More Fat Burning


Bcaa’s are essential amino acids that our body cannot produce, so the only way to obtain them is through food or supplementation. The advantage of taking Bcaa’s in the supplement form is that they are faster absorbed by the body, accelerating the effects.

BCAA’S 8.1.1 ÉVOLUTION offers 5g of Bcaa´s in the purest form and in the best format on the market (8: 1: 1), for an increase in protein synthesis and consequently an increase in muscle mass.

Leucine in greater quantity, in addition to enhancing the increase of protein synthesis, inhibits the production of some hormones that cause premature muscle fatigue during training. Like this, you can increase the effectiveness of your exercise while training and consequently increase your performance and results.

It contains Bcaa’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids), the 3 essential amino acids that are only obtained through food or supplements and that represent more than 35% of the solid muscle mass.

BCAA’S 8.1.1 ÉVOLUTION is ideal to be consumed by sportspeople of different modalities: it helps in muscle recoveries, it helps in the increase of lean mass and in the burning of fat.

BCAA’S 8.1.1 ÉVOLUTIONis an elite product that you must include in your supplementation if you plan to achieve your goals faster.


BCAA’S 8:1:1 ÉVOLUTION can be used by sportspeople of different modalities, helping in muscle recovery, increase of muscle mass, fat loss, and more than that, it prevents the loss of muscle mass resulting from restricted diets in Kcal.