Isotonic Zero Professional 250 g

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✔ Prevents Dehydration
✔ Strong Antioxidant
✔ Anti-Catabolic
✔ Prevention of Cramps


ISOTONIC ZERO PROFESSIONAL is EU NUTRITION®'s isotonic formula that takes hydration to another level. Our formula has been tested for several months by athletes from various disciplines, having been effective in:

- Avoid dehydration (ideal proportion of electrolytes)
- Strong Antioxidant (Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Green Tea)
- Anti-Catabolic (BCAA's)
- Cramp prevention (Magnesium)

If you practice sports, it's because you care about your health. So when you think of an Isotonic, don't just think of a drink with salt and sugar - as most of these products are on the market!

ISOTONIC ZERO PROFESSIONAL goes beyond simple "salt" and "sugar". When we do prolonged resistance exercises, the body is vulnerable to the action of Free Radicals that are formed during the process of combustion by oxygen. But there are substances called Anti-Oxidants, which when ingested at these times help and protect the body against this attack. Vitamin C, resveratrol and green tea are the most potent antioxidants in the evolved ISOTONIC ZERO PROFESSIONAL formula - full of these natural "shields".

The BCAA's contained in the ISOTONIC ZERO PROFESSIONAL formula immediately help with recovery and prevent the loss of that essential muscle mass. And it still has magnesium, so famous in the prevention of cramps.

After this explanation, are you going to continue drinking "salt" and "sugar" or are you going to Evolve with ISOTONIC ZERO PROFESSIONAL?