Mix Protein Évolution 3 kg

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✔ Whey, Soy Protein and Micellar Casein
✔ High Amino Acid Content
✔ With DigeZyme® Digestive Enzyme



EU NUTRITION® presents MIX PROTEIN ÉVOLUTION, a protein with a mixture of Avonlac® ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, micellar casein and isolated soy protein. MIX PROTEIN ÉVOLUTION has a 80% concentration with a high content of essential and non-essential amino acids and maintains a high quality standard.

To certify it, EU NUTRITION® does not hide the origin of the protein, as we believe that the origin of the raw materials and their method of manufacture are what distinguish the quality of the final product. To achieve this quality, we chose the largest cheese and dairy product manufacturer in the world and the purest protein that exists. The protein mixture used in MIX PROTEIN ÉVOLUTION and the use of the best extraction process is the key to manufacture a product with this quality.

These protein extraction processes are unique and use low temperatures and pressures, thus preserving the amino acid chains and making MIX PROTEIN ÉVOLUTION obtain the maximum nutritional value. At EU NUTRITION® we can guarantee this level of quality as we work with the leading producers in the market, always knowing where the milk comes from.

With no added sugar, we only use the minimum amount of sucralose (it contains no calories). We also added DigeZyme® digestive enzymes (multi-enzyme complex based on amylase, protease, lactase, lipase and cellulase).