Zero Pure Iso Évolution 2 kg

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✔ 90% High Biological Value Isolated Protein
✔ ZERO Fat and Sugars (has Stevia)
✔ ZERO Lactose
✔ With Probiotics



EU NUTRITION® presents its purest protein - ZERO PURE ISO ÉVOLUTION - the true protein completely isolated. We offer a protein of unparalleled quality, proven by the acronym CFM Provon®, one of the few 100% certified sources worldwide.

It has high quality and protein concentration (90%) with a high content of essential and non-essential amino acids. In order to certify it, EU NUTRITION® does not hide the origin of its proteins, as it believes that the origin of the raw materials and their method of manufacture is what distinguish the quality of the final product.

To achieve this quality, we chose the largest cheese and dairy product manufacturer in the world and the purest protein there is. The Isolated Whey Protein (WPI) contained in ZERO PURE ISO ÉVOLUTION is extracted through the best process - CFM Provon®. This fact makes ZERO PURE ISO ÉVOLUTION the isolated reference protein in the world of sports.

These protein extraction processes are unique, as they use low temperatures and pressures, thus preserving the amino acid chains and making ZERO PURE ISO ÉVOLUTION obtain the maximum biological value.

EU NUTRITION® can guarantee this level of quality, as it works with the leading producers in the market, therefore knowing where the milk comes from.

You can count on 4.9g of BCAAs presented in its natural form, and 3.7g of glutamine and glutamic acid per dose.

With no added sugar, we use only the minimum amount of sucralose (contains no calories) and Stevia. We also added DigeZyme® digestive enzymes (multi-enzyme complex based on amylase, protease, lactase, lipase and cellulase).

ZERO PURE ISO ÉVOLUTION is the smart option for practitioners of any type of sports and  for those who take their activity very seriously, thus opting for the most concentrated and pure protein.

ZERO PURE ISO ÉVOLUTION can also be used by anyone who wants to supplement their daily supply of protein and at the same time want to restrict their intake of carbohydrates and fats.