Muscle Whey Protein 750 g

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74% Protein Concentration - High Amino Acid Content - With DigeZyme® Digestive Enzymes


Muscle Whey Protein, the concentrated protein formulated for those looking for improved muscle mass gain and faster recovery.

With a protein concentration of 74%, Muscle Whey Protein offers a powerful set of essential and non-essential amino acids.

It is also enriched with 5g of creatine per 100g of product.
Creatine is a compound known for its ability to increase muscle strength and power, making it a valuable ally for improving physical performance.

Each serving contains 6.3g of BCAAs in their natural form, which play a vital role in muscle recovery and growth. In addition, 4.7g of glutamine and glutamic acid are provided, essential for muscle health and repair.

Muscle Whey Protein is formulated without any added sugar. We opted for a minimal amount of sucralose, which is practically calorie-free, keeping you healthy and free from excesses.

To further improve digestibility and absorption, we've added the DigeZyme® multi-enzyme complex, containing amylase, protease, lactase, lipase and cellulase. This ensures that your body gets the maximum benefit from every gram of protein ingested.

Muscle Whey Protein is the ideal choice for those who regularly engage in intense training and seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle and excellent physical shape.