Organic Spelt Flour 500 g

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✔ Rich in Fiber
✔ Fat-free
✔ Low Glycemic Index
✔ Vitamins and Minerals


EU NUTRITION® Spelt Flour is a wholegrain flour, of biological origin and full of essential health nutrients.

Spelt Flour is an excellent source of energy, it has a lower glycemic index than the wheat flour, meaning that the carbohydrates in this flour are slower absorbed by the body, not contrinbuting to a rise of the blood sugar levels. which makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Thus,Spelt Flour becomes a perfect ally in weight loss!

This food is also rich in fibers, minerals, B vitamins and is also enriched in proteins, which makes it beneficial for intestinal functioning, it strengthens the immune system and promotes bone health.

Used in many different forms and recipes, Spelt Flour is ideal for those who want to exclude wheat flour from their diet and have an extra supply of nutrients in their diet!