Vitamin E 60 Caps

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✔ Antioxidant Action
✔ Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
✔ Improves the Immune System
✔ Contributes to Muscle Mass Gain

Vitamina E
Vitamina E
Vitamina E


Vitamin E has numerous benefits for the body, we highlight the following:

Antioxidant Action

The antioxidant action is perhaps the most important one. It´s able to neutralize free radicals, which are the cause of many chronic and degenerative diseases.

It protects body fats from oxidation. This protection is important at several levels, starting with the defense of the plasma membrane (outer membrane of cells). This defense contributes to the smooth functioning of all cellular functions.

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Vitamin E protects LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol). This protection is very important, since LDL cholesterol becomes much more dangerous if oxidizes, because, once accumulated in the arteries, it starts the process of arteriosclerosis.

It also protects the circulatory system in general. One of its functions is the formation of red blood cells, it acts on vasodilation and prevents the formation of clots within the circulatory system.

Skin Improvement

Its antioxidant action also contributes to the protection and good appearance of the skin. Vitamin E maintains the skin's natural hydration.

Improvement of the Immune System

The Vitamin E contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the immune system. Several studies indicate that immunity depends on good levels of vitamin E. It has already demonstrated its effectiveness, specially in people with weakened immunity due to aging or for suffering from some kind of disease.

Promotes Bone and Muscle Health

Although indirectly, vitamin E contributes to bone and muscle health, since it's necessary for the functions of absorption and use of calcium and potassium.

Increased Muscle Mass

Vitamin E contributes to the increase of muscle mass. Its antioxidant action protects the muscles from free radicals that are released after training. Thus, the muscles have a better and faster recovery, which promotes the gain of muscle mass.

Weight loss

Vitamin E contributes (albeit indirectly) to weight loss, as muscle mass increases the burning of calories in the body. Weight loss is a consequence of muscle mass gain, promoted by the good levels of this vitamin in the body.