Vitamin C 1000 100 Caps

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✔ Strengthens the Immune System
✔ Combat Aging (oxidative stress)
✔ Can Contribute to Reducing Tiredness and Fatigue
✔ Collagen Production Aid

Vitamina C 1000
Vitamina C 1000
Vitamina C 1000


We present you the VITAMIN C 1000, with Bioflavonoids Citrusand Rosehip.

The numerous health benefits of Vitamin C are already known: it strengthens our immune system against colds and flu, it helps to reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure, it fights aging and it helps with iron absorption (therefore it should be taken with foods that contain iron).

Its antioxidant effects protect cells from free radicals, thus delaying aging and preventing the appearance of cancer. It also contributes to improve bone, teeth and gums health.

EU NUTRITION® VITAMIN C 1000 is even more complete and beneficial for your health. Do you know why?

Because, to the benefits of Vitamin C, we added Bioflavonoids Citrus and Rosehip, which give you different benefits that you will not want to dispense from your supplementation.

Bioflavonoids work as antioxidant agents and maximize the effects of Vitamin C. They help to prevent prostate cancer, to reduce cholesterol, to help to treat bruises and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

Rosa Mosqueta, on the other hand, is a medicinal plant whose benefits have been known for many years. It's used as an oil for exterior beauty, but it's in supplementation that its internal benefits are amazing. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and it helps in the production of collagen. And, like Vitamin C (because it also contains it in its composition), it helps to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent colds and flu.

Rosehip has diuretic effects and also assists in iron absorption. As you can see, there are many reasons to consume this EU NUTRITION® supplement of excellence!