Beta-Alanine 100 Caps

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✔ Endurance sports
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✔ Carnosine precursor
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Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is produced in our body or that can be obtained by ingesting meat, fish and other foods. Beta-Alanine is a precursor of carnosine.

When we train, specially anaerobic exercises of high intensity and short duration (such as weight training or sprinting), our muscles produce various substances (as lactic acid) that make the muscular environment acidic and lead to muscle fatigue - which is that feeling of the muscle burning inside and when you realize that you can't do more repetitions.

What all athletes want is to avoid, or at least, delay this muscle fatigue and this burning sensation. They want to train more, with more weight, more strength and intensity. The technique used by many athletes to overcome these symptoms is to increase Carnosine deposits. If you identify yourself with this spirit of being a Warrior Athlete, then you might be interested in the EU NUTRITION BETA-ALANINE, because it's a precursor of Carnosine.

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It is suitable for all athletes who do explosive anaerobic exercises, such as weight training and intense running.