EU Gourmet Hamburger 250 ml

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Zero Fat
✔ Zero Hydrates
✔ Zero Sugar
✔ Zero Kcal
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Original Flavor

EU Gourmet Healthy Sauces

These are our ZeroEU GOURMET sauces. These are healthy sauces with Zero Fat, Zero Hydrates, Zero Sugar, Zero Kcal and Gluten Free.

EU GOURMET sauces are high quality sauces, where wewerecareful to ensure an unequaled flavor. We offer you the original flavor, in the healthy version.

EU Gourmet Hamburger sauce makes your hamburgers tastier, whether on bread or on the plate!

Choose to be healthy and add color and flavor to your dishes with EU Nutrition ZeroEU GOURMET sauces. Being healthy is easy and tasty!