H2O OUT 100 Caps

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✔ Removes excess water from the body
✔ Reduces the discomfort of swelling
✔ Optimizes kidney functions
✔ Unique formulation



One of the common symptoms in women who retain fluids, is weight gain for no apparent reason. This is a problem that the vast majority of women will have, sooner or later. Weight gain due to fluid retention can reach over 2Kg! The areas where retention becomes most evident are the legs and the abdomen. If the elastics in your socks leave marks on your skin, it means that you are probably doing retention.

For the women, who have this problem, we have developed H2O OUT, a formula with natural ingredients that have proven to be the most effective in eliminating accumulated fluids. H2O OUT is a diuretic developed specially for women and it will help them to lose a few kilos.

Characteristics of the H2O OUT:

- Natural ingredients in its composition
- Removes excess water and toxins from the body
- Reduces discomfort caused by swelling
- Contributes to the normal functioning of kidneys 
- Unique formulation, developed by EU NUTRITION
- High quality standards: certified product

To combat the problem of fluid retention, we strongly recommend the use of H2O OUT which will help you to eliminate the problem. In addition, do not forget the importance of physical exercise and a healthy diet. We also recommend to drink a lot of water, which although it may seem like a contradiction, the fact is that drinking a lot of water it will help to eliminate accumulated toxins and prevent retention.

Now you know… H2O OUT gives you the perfect silhouette!


H2O OUT was developed for women with fluid retention. The H2O OUT formula promotes the elimination of water retained in the body, and consequently the reduction of swelling, weight loss and an improvement of the silhouette.