L-Carnitine 1500 60 Caps

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✔ Burn Accumulated Fat
✔ Full Definition
✔ More Strength
✔ More Energy


L-CARNITINE 1500 has as its main function the burning of fat, transforming it into energy. But it goes further! This supplement improves your performance in training and reduces post-workout pain as it decreases the production of lactic acid.

Check the benefits that L-CARNITINE 1500 has to offer.

Benefits for fat loss: it helps to move accumulated fat into the mitochondria, where it will be burned and transformed into energy. In addition to burning fat, it also helps to provide more energy during training, it decreases fatigue and suppresses appetite.

Benefits for gaining muscle mass: in addition to preventing the accumulation of fat during the process of increasing muscle mass, L-CARNITINE 1500 increases your strength and more strength means even more muscle mass.

Health benefits in general: it avoids the accentuated loss of bone mass and improves the immune system by acting as a powerful antioxidant.