Rice Protein 100% Bio

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✔ High Bioavailability
✔ High digestibility
✔ With Biological Certification


Rice Protein is a 100% organic and certified protein. 

EU NUTRITION® Rice Protein is ideal for vegetarians, vegans or people with any type of intolerance or allergy to dairy products, soy, wheat, gluten or eggs. It's a protein with high bioavailability, thus being able to supply all the daily protein needs.

There are several recent studies that indicate that rice protein, in addition to helping with fat loss (as it's practically fat-free and low in Kcal), also contributes to a decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

For those who train and aim to recover or gain muscle mass, rice protein has been shown to be very effective, providing all the necessary amino acids for the construction and recovery of tissues.

Although rice protein absorbs more slowly than whey protein or egg protein, it contains essential amino acids, which are the most important for repairing "torn" muscles during training.

The amino acid composition of rice protein is very similar to that of breast milk.

The fact that the absorption of this protein is slower may be interesting, since amino acids are released in a longer way than in a whey protein. This causes the muscle to repair itself more gradually. However, although it is a slower-absorbing protein, the absorption of L-Leucine (an amino acid of extreme importance in muscle building and recovery) is faster than in Whey protein.

Rice protein is also very easy to digest.

Rice Protein is a fully biological and certified protein.